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Direct Funds-Australian Income Fund(AIF)

Direct Funds (AIF) is a conservative income fund. It services global demand for an income fund that provides steady returns across all major currencies. The Fund aims to offer an investment in an asset class that provides regular income or accumulation, through income reinvestment which outperforms Central/ Reserve Bank rates in a range of different currencies. Currencies are hedged against Australian dollar currency movements.

Why we need Direct Funds?

  • Fixed income has a maturity date, and hence less risky than stock investments.
  • Inflation pressure is easing across the globe, fixed income assets should outperform when growth is moderating.
  • The Funds allows you to capture the interest rates differential other currencies and your home currency (e.g. JPY) – earn higher rate of return to avoid your home currency depreciate.

The fund strategy is to provide competitive returns from conservative first mortgage lending, diversified across a portfolio of Australian residential, commercial, retail and industrial properties, primarily located in large metropolitan markets and their surrounding areas. A track record of managing the returns in this asset class for more than 14 years is a confidence of competences.

Want to know more information regarding the funds? Please contact our professional financial advisor to get more information.

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